Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Andrea's complete old home tour...

Oh hi there!  It's a summer miracle that I blogged today but I decided that I want to have our home documented forever before we move.  Yes our home is on the market!  We've been tossing this idea around for atleast a year now and we just decided in June to list it.  I have very mixed emotions about this decision because I love this home but we've decided that we need more indoor space and want to be out in the country closer to our kids school.  My kids go to the cutest country school that we love.  :)  Anyway, I feel good about our decision and though we are not buying right away we found a great rental, that if all goes well we will be moving into for atleast a year, hopefully in August!  

There are still so many unfinished projects that I would have liked to do in this home, so posting a home tour is hard for me.  But, we did a lot in the three short years of living here and whoever gets this home will hopefully enjoy it as much as we have!  Oh and please excuse the not so great quality iphone pictures.  And you have probably already seen most of these pictures on our instagram account, but here ya go!